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New Article from RAM Technologies, Inc.: “Innovations in Medicaid: How States are Using Medicaid Waivers to Improve Access, Engagement and Health”

RAM Technologies, Inc., the perennial leader in the development of enterprise software for healthcare payers, is pleased to announce the availability of a new report as part of the “Sharing Knowledge to Improve Healthcare Administration” (SKIHA) program. This month, members of the SKIHA program (free registration) are granted complimentary access to the RAM report, Innovations in Medicaid: How States are Using Medicaid Waivers to Improve Access, Engagement and Health.

Amendments to the Social Security Act granted the Secretary of Health and Human Services specific authorities including the ability to waive provisions of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Plan. These waivers provided states with greater flexibility in how they administer these programs, including the ability to use funds in new ways. States have effectively expanded health care coverage, changed how health care is delivered, added benefits, required cost sharing, and extended coverage during an emergency. 

“Medicaid is integral to the health of our nation,” said Christopher P. Minton, Executive Vice President of RAM Technologies, Inc. “It is impossible to imagine life in present day America without it. This safety net program has transformed the healthcare industry, not just for the poor, but for every American. It has driven innovation and improved the delivery of care, and it is imperative that we make every effort possible to ensure its long term survival.”

To read the entire report (Innovations in Medicaid: How States are Using Medicaid Waivers to Improve Access, Engagement and Health) join the SKIHA program today CLICK HERE. 

About the Program

The SKIHA program (Sharing Knowledge to Improve Healthcare Administration) is an open platform that shares industry analysis and research to help the payer community prepare for the future. Each and every month the SKIHA program makes available special content that provides unique insight and in-depth industry knowledge to those in the position to enact real change. This free-flow exchange of ideas provides the information health plans need to improve operations, increase productivity and reduce costs. 

About RAM Technologies, Inc.

RAM Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for healthcare payers. For over 37 years RAM Technologies has led the way in the creation of superior software solutions for health plans serving government sponsored healthcare programs (Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, Federal Employee Health Programs, etc.). RAM Technologies has merited a top spot in the Philadelphia Business Journal's "List of Top Software Developers" for eight consecutive years, has been featured in Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Private Companies for five years and has been named Most Promising Insurance Technology Solution Provider by CIO Review. To learn more about RAM Technologies call (877) 654-8810 or visit www.ramtechinc.com.