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RAM Technologies, Inc. offers the comprehensive solution for all your Medicare Advantage needs. Find out how you can get the performance you need at a fraction of the operating costs traditionally incurred for this population. Whether it is new technology or full administrative services via on-shore resources, we can eliminate your worries and allow you to focus on the care of your members.

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Below are just some of the features available with the RAM solution offering (contact us today for full details):

  • Supports CMS Application / Interface Processing
  • Allows Pre-enrollment of Members and Automatically Verifies Data Upon CMS Response (Beneficiary Enrollment / Application Processing)
  • Supports CMS Automated Interface Processing including:

            - BEQ Submission and Response
            - CMS Submission & Reply (DTRR) Processing
            - CMS Claims / Encounter Submissions (RAPS / EDPS)

  • Supports Revenue Reconciliation
  • Integrates LIS and LEP with Premium Billing
  • Produces CMS letters, ID Cards and Fulfillment Packages (Automated and On-demand)
  • Satisfies CMS Correspondence Requirements for multiple languages and text fonts
  • Tracks Grievances and Appeal Actions
  • Tracks Beneficiary Residence in Plan Service Area (OOA)
  • Allows Assignment of PCP at Time of Enrollment
  • Includes support for Sequestration hold backs
  • Provides Utilities to Load Fee Schedules from CMS Web Site:

            - Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Zip Code Files
            - Medicare Anesthesia Fee Schedule Files
            - Medicare Ambulance Fee Schedule Files
            - Medical Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule Files
            - Medicare DME, Prosthetics/Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) Fee Schedule Files

  • Captures Medicare Rate Cells and Recipient Categories such as Nursing Home Certified, Working Aged, Hospice and ESRD
  • Supports Pro-ration of Capitation and Billing Based upon Rate Cells and Categories
  • Audit and Event Processing Workflow to Pro-Actively Schedule and Track Activities and Episodes of Care
  • Automates Workflow for Medical and Care Managers
  • Supports CMS provider reimbursement methods including MPFS, DRG, APC, ASC, IRF, LTC, SNF and ESRD
  • Inclusion of GAPS in Medicare RBRVS Fee Schedule
  • Support for CMS Transaction Reply Codes
  • And more…

Available as an on-site solution, as a Software-as-a-Service (Cloud), or as a comprehensive technology and services offering (BPO).

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RAM Technologies, Inc.
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RAM Technologies, Inc. is an IBM® Premier Business Partner which delivers solutions on IBM servers utilizing IBM middleware to meet the needs of healthcare customers. Together, IBM and RAM Technologies can address the business and IT needs of your enterprise. IBM solutions include DB2, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQ, CICS Transaction Gateway, and IBM System p (IBM Power).


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