Drive Productivity and Increase Efficiency with a Fully Integrated, Enterprise Solution

Would your organization benefit from increased first-pass claim auto adjudication rates? Are you looking to drive productivity, increase efficiency and create a competitive advantage for your organization?

RAM Technologies specializes in the development and delivery of the most advanced auto adjudication software for health plans, HEALTHsuite Mercato; the intelligent decision engine designed for health care payers looking to streamline claims processing in a paperless and human-less environment.

With the implementation of HEALTHsuite Mercato, RAM clients have experienced auto adjudication rates for electronic claims as high as 95%. This precision performance allows administrators to maximize the effectiveness of company personnel, thereby increasing productivity and reducing total cost of operations.

In addition to the automated functions of the claims process, HEALTHsuite Mercato also features an intuitive interface that greatly simplifies the user experience. 

Schedule a demonstration and see how HEALTHsuite Mercato will revolutionize the way you administer your business.